Potravinářský zpravodaj

Potravinářský zpravodaj has been published since 2000 – following the foundation of the Chamber of Food Industries of the Czech Republic. It was published as the official title of the Chamber of Food Industries of the Czech Republic in the period from 2000 to 2007. The newsletter was significantly involved in the distribution of the information about current issues in the Chamber of Food Industries of the Czech Republic and increasing the number of the Chamber members but also in creating a serious position before the state administration and Parliament of the Czech Republic. Since 2008, it has been an independent periodical with 8 issues per year. It continues keeping its prestige and belonging to very popular titles being read in the whole food industry, mainly by the suppliers in food industry but also by the persons dealing with trade in food products. Leading managers of the commercial chains and buyers are important readers of the newsletter. The expert departments of the Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment as well as the other organizations controlling industry and trade are the honoured and regular buyers of the journal. It is published in the newspaper format of A3 in full colours. It is published 8 times a year, 4 times with the annex called “Řeznicko/uzenářské noviny” (Newspaper of Butchers and Smoked Meat Processors).

You will find the following current information in the newspaper:

  • From the field of economy and commercial conditions of the production and sale of food products
  • About the legislative conditions of the production, trade and circulation of food products, the trademark KLASA
  • From the field of the interventions of state administration into the fields of agriculture and food industry
  • About the new technologies and equipment used for the production of food products
  • About the trends aimed at the safety of food products and their quality
  • From the food industry policy in our country and in the European Union but also from the world
  • About the activities of the Chamber of Food Industries of the Czech Republic
  • About the food industry trade shows and exhibitions in our country as well as in the world
  • About the food industry school system, science and research, environment
  • From the life of the expert-assembled unions and associations producing food products
  • About the important personalities of food industry and trade
  • Expert contributions and statistical information
  • Social event column
  • Promotion and PR contributions
The newsletter “Potravinářský zpravodaj” is intended for the broadest community of the businessmen and managers in food industry, trade in food products, raw materials in food industry, food industry equipment and technologies, packing and other material inputs in food production and services for food industry.
Our newsletter is subscribed by the Members of the Parliament of the Czech Republic and Members of the Senate of the Czech Republic, our distribution ensures also deliveries of the newsletter to the authorities of state administration, mainly to the Ministry of Agriculture of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic, Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, and Ministry of Environment of the Czech Republic.

The workers of retail chains and other buyers and sellers of food products, using the newsletter information for marketing purposes, represent the important group of readers.
A part of the newsletter copies are bought by the technical schools (industrial schools, secondary schools, higher technical schools, universities), often using our newsletter as a teaching material.
A number of copies are sent to Slovakia. We have our readers also abroad, for example, they are our compatriots in the United States of America and Australia.

The newspaper is a media partner of a number of important food industry and social events:

  • Retail Summit
  • World Day of Milk
  • Wine of the Year
  • Days of Bread in Pardubice
  • Conference of Butchers and Smoked Meat Processors in Brno
  • World Day of Bread
  • Together with the journal “Potravinářská Revue” (Food Industry Revue), it is the main partner of the competition “Dobrý potravinářský výrobek Česká chuťovka” (Good Food Product Czech Delicacy)
  • It is a media partner of the trade show SALIMA in Brno – every even year

Release dates

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Deadlines are always 14 days before the issue date

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1/2 back side32 000,-38 000,-
1/2 inside30 000,-33 000,-
1/4 back side16 200,-20 000,-
1/4 inside15 000,-18 000,-
1/8 inside8 100,-10 000,-

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Technical data sheet


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