Řeznicko/uzenářské noviny

Řeznicko/uzenářské noviny was published as a separate title and official newspaper of the Czech Association of Meat Processors by 2010; beginning 2011, it has been the independent newspaper and attached to “Potravinářský zpravodaj” (Food Industry Newsletter). It is published 4 times a year.

In 1992, MVDr. Josef Radoš started issuing a modern newspaper for butchers and smoked meat processors for the Association of Butchers and Smoked Meat Processors of Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia founded at that time. Beginning 1995, the newspaper has been issued by our publishing house AGRAL s. r. o. In the beginning, as a monthly publication, subsequently also as a publication issued every second week. Following the start of issuing the newspaper “Potravinářský zpravodaj” (Food Industry Newsletter), the Newspaper of Butchers and Smoked Meat Processors was issued 6 times a year. By 2010, it was the official newspaper of the Czech Association of Meat Processors (the previously existing association was renamed in 1999) and it is currently the independent newspaper of meat processing industry.

It is currently issued 4 times a year and attached to the newspaper “Potravinářský zpravodaj”. It brings the information about the issues of production of meat and meat products, in the big volume production as well as in the field of smaller and small producers. The information of the Czech Association of Meat Processors, market information, social information, but mainly the contributions describing the current issues of meat industry as well as trade in meat and meat consumption represents the important content. The newspaper is used also for marketing and various expert and personal communications.

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